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IT Week 2020

16 March 2020

Cyber run 2020 on the 7th of March 2020
IT Week 2020 exhibition
Artificial Intelligence talk by Professor Narayanan
Introduction to Deep Learning talk by Prof. Madya Dr Johari
Photo session during closing ceremony of IT Week 2020

It was a fulfilling week as Persatuan Teknologi Maklumat (PERTEKMA) had recently held IT Week 2020 at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT), UNIMAS.

IT Week 2020 which started from 7 March to 12 March is an annual event consisting workshops, talks, exhibitions and activities aimed at empowering students with information technology ideas and giving insight on the industry. IT Week is organised by student members of the faculty and lead by PERTEKMA members.

Throughout IT Week 2020, talks such as Artificial Intelligence by Professor Narayanan and Introduction to Deep Learning by Professor. Madya Dr Johari were held for students. A 2 day workshop on Internet of things was also held at FCSIT with no admission fee for students. The organisers of IT Week 2020 also took the opportunity to invite primary school students from schools around Kota Samarahan and members of the public to take part in the IT Week 2020 exhibition

IT Week 2020 is not just for UNIMAS students only as there are other activities open to the general public. IT Week 2020 featured the E-sports tournament for games such as Tekken 7, Mobile Legend Bang Bang, and Dota 2, in collaboration with Gizmo Arena and UNIMAS ESPORT.  The Cyber Run 2020 was also available for the public to take part in conjunction of IT Week 2020. The 5km run was held earlier over the weekend on 7th March, two days before the start of IT Week 2020.